Structured coverage of full PLAB 1 curriculum + related MCQs

Consultant-led, high yield lectures covering all of the GMC’s PLAB 1 Blueprint topics – with the most up-to-date UK guidelines, to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to give yourself the best chance of passing the exam.

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Subject-wise coverage of high yield PLAB 1 topics + related MCQs

Focussed training sessions covering the highest yield topics in the PLAB 1 exam and the latest UK guidelines.  You can flexibly choose the session dates to work around your professional duties and own study schedule.

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“I find that the CSTC sessions although with the primary intention of tutoring candidates to do well in the PLAB exam also primes doctors to become better clinicians. It is very easy to be inspired by the amazing teacher (s) on this program!”

Krishnan (2021)

“Dr C has a passion in teaching that takes you smoothly throughout the course. He builds up your foundation knowledge therefore, you are able to answer a question that you never came across before. Ideally, one should start this course in the beginning of their preparation if they want to get the most out of it. This course is updated regularly according to NICE guidelines which makes you rely on the information given.”

Neve Rezk (2021)

“I am reading my notes on neuro and after neuro session my way of reading them has been changed. They seem more logical and easier to remember now.

I really appreciate CSTC  for clearing all doubts esp. Our amazing lecturer and changing my way of thinking. Thank you sir from the core of mmy heart. As i have read other famous plab1 coaching materials  But You are the BEST and above all.”

Baljit Singh (2021)

“I am truly grateful of coming across CSTC. The lectures are very informative and gives me confidence on answering MCQs. I also appreciate that our lecturer is an expert on this field and he gives extra effort to make studying fun and interactive which gives us more retention.”

Cyrine Cunanan (2021)

“It was really helpful, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to learn this much…I thought it’d be comprehensive but to my delight it was concise and structured…You guys are doing great work! Kudos to you!”

Gesu Ahmad (2021)

“It’s a great platform for an IMG to learn UK guidelines as well as to brush up the basics. The updates you’re giving us is gold. And the professor is also so great. Approachable.

So far I think it was a nice decisiom to join your classes.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work.”

Kavitha Paul (2021)