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MRCP is a Diploma issued by the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom. It is a highly respected qualification that is accepted across the world for career progression. It is also mandatory for those training in Internal Medicine and its allied sub-specialities within the UK. However, it is a tough exam that has a low pass rate.

Why do so many fail the exam?
The majority of candidates simply do Independent Learning (i.e. self-study using books/notes/guidelines + practising from MCQ banks) or Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL, studying with a colleague). Yet the pass rate remains very low. It is thus clear that these common approaches to the exam preparation are insufficient.

How can we help?
The MRCP 2 Masterclass is a carefully prescribed study programme designed to help candidates pass the exam. It is a 5-month rolling programme. The Masterclass Programme is an example of Expert-Assisted Learning (EAL). It is a blend of e-learning, Consultant-led teaching (lectures, class exercises) and Consultant-supervised MCQ practices (to learn MCQ and exam techniques).

We know from research that:
1) Scores are higher with EAL versus Independent Learning (Ryan 2020, Perspectives on Medical Education).
2) EAL results in significantly better performance than PAL, p < 0.05 (Ehsan 2020, J Coll Physicians Surg Pak).
3) EAL + PAL yield better results compared to EAL alone (Guraya 2020, Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis).

The above is consistent with our experience too: those that attend 100% of a Masterclass Programme (without missing a single lesson) and engage fully with all the tasks set by the teacher have (so far) had a 100% pass rate!

Structured Approach to the MRCP 2 Exam
1. Before each live EAL session in the Masterclass Programme, candidates are expected to do Independent Learning (through e-learning or studying from books/notes/guidelines) to acquire their baseline knowledge.

2. During each live EAL session in the Masterclass Programme, candidates are expected to participate actively in live teaching delivered by a Senior Consultant. These sessions may take the form of lectures, workshops, group/class exercises or MCQ practices. They last 1-2 hours and are delivered online on Tuesday and Friday evenings via Zoom.

During the live EAL sessions, the teaching Consultant will identify any gaps in the candidates’ knowledge and understanding, improve their reasoning and application skills by teaching them MCQ techniques and enhance their overall exam performance by helping them to develop time management and other key strategies.

3. After each live EAL session in the Masterclass Programme, candidates are expected to revise what has been taught by the Consultant and practice the MCQ techniques that have been acquired under the Consultant’s supervision. The best way to do this, to maximise retention and recall, is with a study partner.

This structured approach to the MRCP Part 2 Written Exam gives the best results, in our experience:

£50 per month (Rolling Programme)

This covers:

  • In-person coaching from a Senior Lecturer / Consultant
  • In-person Intensive MCQ Practice (practice of thousands of MCQs under consultant supervision)

Please note:

  1. Number of delegates accepted per batch is strictly limited.
  2. No refunds are given if a delegate should withdraw, cancel or change their mind after booking.
  3. If a person joins part-way through the programme, there is no partial refund. 

How to book
Enrolment on the Masterclass Programme is by invitation only. Only those who meet the following criteria will be considered for a seat on the Masterclass Programme:
1) Must have completed medical school at least one year ago.
2) Must already have an account with the Centre for Health Education (CHE).
3) Must have watched the free webinars (‘Introduction to the MRCP Part 2 Written Exam – How to Succeed) via the e-learning platform.
4) Must have logged in to the CHE website and and submitted the registration form for MRCP Part 2 Masterclass.

All registration forms are reviewed and, if you have been selected for a seat on the Programme, you will be invited to then submit your payment.

NOTE: Masterclass Programme seats are NOT allocated on a first come, first served basis but based on need (at the sole discretion of the Centre for Health Education). Preference will be given to the following categories of applicants (who are known to have a higher failure rate, based on the data from the Royal College of Physicians):
1) International Medical Graduates (especially those from the Middle East).
2) BAME doctors.
3) Repeaters.

Once you have clicked on ‘Login’, please click the ‘Book This Course’ button at the top of this web page to get started with your application.

If we offer you a placement and you submit your payment, your booking is confirmed and becomes non-refundable from that point onwards (even if you only attend part of the programme and then exit; or choose not to attend at all).

Course dates

  • Coaching for October 2023 Exam: Booking is open.
  • Coaching for January 2024 Exam: Not open for bookings
  • Coaching for April 2024 Exam: Not open for bookings
  • Coaching for August 2024 Exam: Not open for bookings

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Centre for Health Education recognises that every delegate’s training needs are different. Some styles of teaching or learning suit some people and not others. Faculty must therefore have confidence that they are able to meet the training needs of each delegate. The teaching faculty reserve the right to deselect a delegate at any stage of the programme if they feel they are no longer able to meet the training needs of the delegate. In such an event, the delegate shall be refunded pro rata for the remainder of the programme.

Please note: by embarking on the coaching programme, delegates agree to respect the decisions of the faculty as final (in regards to being permitted to continue with the programme or not). If a delegate withdraws from the coaching programme of their own volition, the standard cancellation policy shall take effect (i.e. no refunds shall be given).