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Introduction to the MRCP 1 Masterclass Programme

Only 38% of doctors in international centres and 46.6% in UK centres passed the MRCP 1 exam in October 2023, according to the Royal College of Physicians report.

With the pass rate so low, it can be a very worrying and tense time for candidates. It can be confusing knowing how to study or prepare for the exam. However, one thing is true: it is important not to follow the crowd and do what most people do…clearly it doesn’t work, since the majority of candidates fail the exam!

The MRCP 1 Masterclass Programme was created to meet this learning need. It is a carefully prescribed study programme designed to help candidates pass the exam (and hopefully also help them to become better doctors!).

The Masterclass Programme has two parts: a self-directed learning part (studying the knowledge material for a particular subject) and an expert-assisted learning part (‘Live Teaching Sessions’ run as webinars).

What you will learn

1. Acquire the necessary knowledge of the subject that will be taught
, by doing self-study from your own books/notes. The teaching Consultant may guide you on what to study before each live session. Sometimes he/she may set preparatory learning material to be completed via the online e-learning system.
2. Complete the ESQs (‘End-of-Study Questions) on the E-learning system. This will help the Consultant gauge where your level of knowledge and understanding is, so they may guide you more effectively during the live sessions.

The Consultant will fill in any knowledge gaps and teach the MCQ techniques that are needed to pass the exam. In particular, they will focus on:

  • High yield topics.
  • Reasoning techniques.
  • Common mistakes candidates make, and how to avoid them.
  • How to use the equating system of scoring to your advantage.
  • How to answer questions rapidly, in the minimum possible time.
  • How to increase likelihood of choosing the correct option, if you are unsure about an answer.
  • How to approach questions that you know nothing about – go from feeling despair to increased hope.

A select few candidates will be invited to join the Masterclass Mentoring Programme (which is an extension of the Masterclass Teaching Programme). Such individuals will be given priority support by the Consultant and be encouraged to actively participate during the live teaching sessions, and may receive personalised feedback.

We recommend doing further MCQ practice using a reputable question bank. This will help you to apply the knowledge you have acquired, and improve your MCQ speed, accuracy and confidence for the real exam.

Those individuals who have been invited to join the Masterclass Mentoring Programme may also ask any questions and receive further support from the Consultant via the Masterclass Telegram group chat.

When and where is it?

Course Date
The Masterclass Programme runs a full cycle, once per exam diet.
The timing of the live teaching sessions are subject to the Consultant’s availability but are generally on Friday evenings+ either Mondays or Tuesdays (i.e. two live sessions per week, at 5.30pm – 6.30pm UK time).
The sessions are held via Zoom. The login details will be sent to you via e-mail, once you submit your booking.

Programme Schedule – Live Sessions (for illustration only – it may be subject to change, at the discretion of CHE)
Session 01 – Cell, molecular and membrane biology
Session 02 – Clinical anatomy
Session 03 – Clinical biochemistry
Session 04 – Clinical physiology
Session 05 – Genetics
Session 06 – Immunology
Session 07 – Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Session 08 – Statistics, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine
Session 09 – Cardiology
Session 10 – Respiratory medicine
Session 11 – Gastroenterology and hepatology
Session 12 – Renal medicine
Session 13 – Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic medicine
Session 14 – Neurology
Session 15 – Medical ophthalmology
Session 16 – Psychiatry
Session 17 – Haematology
Session 18 – Oncology, Palliative medicine and end of life care
Session 19 – Infectious diseases
Session 20 – Dermatology
Session 21 – Rheumatology
Session 22 – Geriatric medicine

How to enrol

Please click the ‘Book This Course’ button at the top of this web page to get started with your application.

The cost of £50 per month confers ‘Online Learner’ status and covers:

  • Access to any online e-learning knowledge modules released by CHE. Any such modules, if offered, are updated every cycle and released ahead of each live teaching session.
  • Access to the online end-of-study questions, helping you to assess whether your knowledge is at exam level.
  • Attendance at the live teaching sessions.

Online Learners have the following additional privileges:

  • Eligibility to be considered for the Masterclass Mentoring Programme (we invite a select few E-Learners to be guided, mentored and supported directly by the Consultant in preparation for their exam). Such individuals may actively participate during the live teaching sessions (all other attendees are silent participants).


  1. Number of delegates accepted per batch is strictly limited.
  2. No refunds are given if a delegate should withdraw, cancel or change their mind after booking.
  3. If a person joins part-way through the Programme, there is no partial refund.

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Centre for Health Education recognises that every delegate’s training needs are different. Some styles of teaching or learning suit some people and not others. Faculty must therefore have confidence that they are able to meet the training needs of each delegate. The teaching faculty reserve the right to deselect a delegate at any stage of the programme if they feel they are no longer able to meet the training needs of the delegate. In such an event, the delegate shall be refunded pro rata for the remainder of the programme.

Please note: by embarking on the coaching programme, delegates agree to respect the decisions of the faculty as final (in regards to being permitted to continue with the programme or not). If a delegate withdraws from the coaching programme of their own volition, the standard cancellation policy shall take effect (i.e. no refunds shall be given).