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There are a number of components to the whole PLAB 2 Preparation Programme. Please click on the one you are interested in:

  • ALIM (E-Learning Self-Study Programme): Accelerated Learning In Medicine (coming soon)
  • MEDICS (Online Coaching Programme): Medical Ethics, Data gathering, Interpersonal and Clinical management Skills
  • PRACTICE (Practical Skills Course): Practical Remote Access Course – Training In Clinical skills/simulations and Examination techniques
  • Mock Exams

Delegates may undertake each component separately, or as a ‘bundle’ (i.e. the Whole Programme).

If you have any questions, simply click on the Live Chat bubble on this page or click here to talk to us on Telegram.

MEDICS (Online Coaching Programme) – Medical Ethics, Data gathering, Interpersonal and Clinical management Skills)

Delivered as bite-sized modules, focussing on Communication-Based Stations (which make up typically 50 – 70% of the PLAB 2 exam stations)

  1. History taking I (Medicine/Surgery)
  2. History taking II (Sub-specialties)
  3. Explaining results / Breaking bad news
  4. Explaining diagnoses & diseases
  5. Explaining procedures & operations
  6. Explaining drugs & devices
  7. Counselling & Difficult discussions

How the Curriculum is Delivered

  • All modules are taught via 2 hour ‘live’ sessions.
  • Each session has a maximum of 8 participating delegates (+ additional observer slots).
  • Each session is a ‘Group Mock Exam’, comprising 8 test stations (i.e. half of a full exam).
  • Each delegate does one test station and is given personalised feedback to work on.
  • Between each live session, Programme Delegates do peer-to-peer practice to improve.
  • Live sessions are therefore ‘check-points’ where the lecturer refines the Delegate’s skills.

Timings of Live Sessions
Various slots per day, to support different time zones (outside standard working hours)

  • Sundays – Fridays, 21:00 – 23:00 hours UK time (UK / Europe / Africa / Far East)
    • Two sessions per group, each week
    • Group A (Mon/Thu), Group B (Tue/Fri), Group C (Wed/Sun)
  • Mondays – Saturdays, 00:00 – 02:00 hours UK time (Central & S. Asia, N. & S. America)
    • Two sessions per group, each week
    • Group D (Mon/Thu), Group E (Tue/Fri), Group F (Wed/Sat)
  • Further slots coming soon!
    • Mondays – Saturdays, 17:00 – 19:00 hours UK time (Middle East)
    • Mondays – Saturdays, 19:00 – 21:00 hours UK time (Australasia)

Fees and What they Cover
This varies between Programme Delegates and Sessional Delegates.

  • Programme Delegates (£450 per programme)
    • They take part in the whole coaching programme
    • They follow a structured curriculum, over a period of 4 weeks
    • They receive direct mentorship and support from the senior lecturer
    • They receive priority seating for all of their allocated live group mock sessions
    • They take part in one test station per group mock session (x2 sessions per week)
    • They observe & learn from all other test stations during the group mock sessions
    • They receive feedback on their performance and suggestions for improvement
    • They may engage in the feedback & discussion of all test stations in the sessions
    • They are granted access to online lecture notes containing exam tips/strategies for the duration of the programme
    • Their bookings for PRACTICE course Programme Delegate slots are given priority
  • Sessional Delegates (£10 per mock session)
    • They take part in a single mock session, as an observer.
    • However, the first 8 delegates to book the session will get a FREE upgrade to a candidate seat (worth £90) during the mock session. All others remain as observers.
    • If they get a FREE upgrade:
      • They receive feedback on their performance and suggestions for improvement
      • They may engage in the feedback and discussion of their own test stations

 (Practical Skills Course):
Practical Remote Access Course: Training In Clinical skills/simulations and Examination techniques

Delivered as bite-sized workshops, focussing on ‘PLAB 2 Hands-on/Practical Stations’

  1. Physical examination skills
  2. Bedside skills & procedures
  3. Needle based procedures
  4. Data interpretation
  5. Manikin skills
  6. Manikin simulations
  7. Teaching skills

How the Curriculum is Delivered

  • Each course is made up of two full days over an entire weekend.
  • All modules are taught via ‘live’ workshops, through video link up.
  • Delegates take turns practicing skills during each training workshop.
  • Delegates in the UK who have no access to equipment may obtain a CHE training box.
  • Each workshop facilitates focussed personalised practice under lecturer supervision.
  • Each course has a maximum of 6-12 participating delegates (+ additional observer slots).
  • Live sessions are therefore opportunities for the lecturer to enhance the Delegate’s skills.
  • After the course, Programme Delegates may do further self-study using the training box.
  • There is a separate mock exam weekend when Delegates may test their practical skills.

Timings of Live Sessions
All weekend courses are run from 9am to 5pm UK time (Saturday and Sunday).

  • Weekends 1, 2 and 3
    • One PRACTICE course per weekend
    • A maximum of 12 participating delegates will be permitted per course
  • Weekend 4
    • 4 full group mock exams across the whole weekend (18 stations each)
    • 2 mock exams per day
    • A maximum of 9 participating delegates will be permitted per exam

Fees and What They Cover

  • Observer Delegates (£250 per programme)
    • They observe & learn from all teaching stations or mock exams over an entire weekend.
      • For mock exam weekends, this means getting to observe 2 full 18-station mock exams.