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The pass rate for MRCP is very low. At the time of writing this, the pass rate for MRCP 1 (for example) was only 38% for international centres and 46.6% for UK centres. This means more people fail the exam than pass the exam. This is due to a number of reasons. However, one key reason is lack of knowledge and understanding, including focussing on high yield topics within the MRCP curriculum.

This need for knowledge spans all the parts of the MRCP exam: Part 1, Part 2, PACES. The MRCP Lecture Series were created to address this need.

What is covered
The whole curriculum is covered in six blocks. Block 1 is only for MRCP 1, Block 6 is only for PACES but Blocks 2-5 are for all MRCP candidates, regardless of whether they are sitting Part 1, Part 2 or PACES.

How the lectures are delivered
Lectures may be access either via Zoom (as online, live lectures) or, if a person cannot attend a lecture (e.g. due to work commitments) they may access the recording of the lecture via the e-learning platform (i.e. the learning management system or ‘LMS’).

Live lectures are advertised in advance as the timing is subject to Consultant/Lecturer availability. However, as a general guide, most lectures are run from 09:30 until 11:30am UK time on weekdays.

How to use the lectures most effectively
For those studying on their own (or with a study partner), the MRCP Lecture Series may be used to complement their private study, serving as a foundation of knowledge on which to practice and prepare for the exam. At the end of each live lecture, there is an opportunity to ask questions of the Consultant/Lecturer to help clarify topics and deepen understanding.

For those who prefer small group teaching, and are already enrolled in the MRCP Masterclass Programme, they may use the MRCP Lecture Series, in advance of each class, to solidify their knowledge and get the most out of the Consultant-led classroom teaching. For further details on the Masterclasses, please e-mail

Content and structure of the Programme.

How to enrol

Please e-mail the administration team ( for further details on how to enrol.

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