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The PLAB 1 Masterclass is a Consultant-led teaching programme aimed at doctors who are intending to write the Part 1 examination for PLAB (Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board).  It should be noted that it is called a Masterclass because it is exactly that: a class.  It is not simply going through lots and lots of exam questions.  You do not need a Consultant/Specialist for that.  You can do that in your own time using a reputable question bank (there are many to be found online on the internet).


Our Centre teaches PLAB 1 in two parts: knowledge (via online e-learning modules) and exam technique (via live MCQ sessions known as ‘Plabinars™’).

  • Each ‘E-Learning Module’ is released, one at a time (once they have been updated with the latest UK/NICE Guidelines etc.).  Each e-learning module (e.g. ‘PLAB 1 – Paediatrics’) contains pre-recorded lectures (taught by a Professor/Senior Consultant in Medicine).
  • Anyone may sign up to become an ‘E-Learner’.  E-Learners are given access to each e-learning module that has been released.  They study these modules in their own time, at their own pace. 
  • Every ‘E-Learning Module’ is then followed by a ‘Plabinar™’.  Plabinars™ are live Zoom sessions taught by the Professor who will cover the MCQ techniques needed to pass the exam as well as fill in any knowledge gaps on the subject.  TO GET THE MOST OUT OF EACH PLABINAR™, IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO DO THE CORRESPONDING E-LEARNING MODULE IN ADVANCE OF THE LIVE PLABINAR™ TEACHING SESSION.
  • Anyone may attend a Plabinar™.  E-Learners are welcome to attend Plabinars™ at a discounted price*.  All other attendees are required to pay the standard price per Plabinar™.

* CHE currently have a promotional offer where E-Learners are allowed to attend Plabinars™ for FREE.


The Masterclass is a form of ‘coaching’ programme taught and supervised by a Professor / Senior Consultant, with over 30 years knowledge and experience in Medicine.

A select few E-Learners (per exam diet) are invited by CHE to upgrade (for FREE) to PLAB 1 Masterclass status.  What does this mean?  It means that such individuals are:

  • Given direct mentoring and support by the Professor for their PLAB 1 exam preparation.
  • During Plabinars, they are given priority practice for the live MCQ sessions and are also give personalised feedback and tips on their practice.
  • Post-Plabinars™, they receive additional support via the Masterclass Telegram group where they may ask questions of the Professor regarding anything they do not understand.


The Professor’s time is focussed on two things:

  • The subjects that candidates find hardest, and tend to score lowest
  • Teaching of MCQ and exam technique

The above strategy has been highly successful for our past candidates.

So, in the first instance, the 3-month programme will offer Plabinars on the following CORE SIX subjects:

  • Statistics
  • ECGs
  • ABGs, CXRs, PFTs
  • Paediatrics & Neonatology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry

At the discretion of CHE, we may offer further Plabinars (e.g. medicine, surgery, orthopaedics etc.) in addition to the above subjects.


The e-learning access costs £10 per month, payable by the 1st of each of month for a particular month.  This gives access to the e-learning material for all the above CORE SIX subjects.

The Plabinars normally have a charge attached to each session.  However, as a Centre promotional offer, our ‘E-Learners’ are going to be given FREE Plabinar access for the foreseeable future.

Plabinars normally cost £5 to £25 each, depending on the subject.  Only Masterclass Programme participants are permitted to actively take part during on the Plabinars.  All other attendees are listening audience only.

Please note:

  1. Number of delegates accepted per batch is strictly limited. This is because, if there are too many people, it is not possible to give personalised support to individual delegates.
  2. No refunds are given if a delegate should withdraw, cancel or change their mind after booking. This is because, once booked, the seat is protected for the delegate and other delegates are denied a placement as a result.
  3. If a person joins part-way through the programme, there is no partial refund. 

Talk to us live via Telegram:


Centre for Health Education recognises that every delegate’s training needs are different. Some styles of teaching or learning suit some people and not others. Faculty must therefore have confidence that they are able to meet the training needs of each delegate. The teaching faculty reserve the right to deselect a delegate at any stage of the programme if they feel they are no longer able to meet the training needs of the delegate. In such an event, the delegate shall be refunded pro rata for the remainder of the programme.

Please note: by embarking on the coaching programme, delegates agree to respect the decisions of the faculty as final (in regards to being permitted to continue with the programme or not). If a delegate withdraws from the coaching programme of their own volition, the standard cancellation policy shall take effect (i.e. no refunds shall be given).