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Learn how laser / LED / light / PBM therapy can transform people’s lives

Light is everywhere. It helps us to see the world around us, but it can also energise us. Why does light therapy get rid of wrinkles without the need for chemicals, drugs, surgery etc.? Why do babies who are jaundiced, get treated with light therapy (‘phototherapy’)? Why are some cancers treated with light? BECAUSE OUR BODIES RESPOND TO LIGHT…down to the cellular level.

Light therapy, LED therapy, laser therapy…they are all different terms used under the banner of ‘photobiomodulation’ (or ‘PBM’) therapy. Photobiomodulation is exactly that: “photo” = light, “bio” = life, “modulation” = modifying or influencing something. So ‘photobiomodulation’ is ‘influencing or changing things in a living person’s body, by using light’.

Knowing how PBM works is the first step to understanding its benefits and limitations as well as knowing how to make it work for you (or your clients/patients). This course will teach you the science behind PBM – how it works, how to use it and when to use it for maximum benefit. There are also practical sessions to help participants learn ‘hands on’.

Eligibility criteria

There are no eligibility restrictions for this course – it is open to any member of the public or professionals who would like to learn about light therapy / photobiomodulation.

Method of course delivery

This is a hands-on course, delivered via in-person attendance.