Baby and child First Aid: CPR & choking

If your child choked or baby stopped breathing, would you know how to deliver emergency First Aid?

Delivered by a very highly qualified and experienced healthcare professional, those attending this workshop will gain the confidence and hands-on skills needed to prevent a baby or child from becoming seriously unwell and to potentially save their life.

*CSTC is also offering a FREE 1-day e-learning theory course ‘Paediatric and Adult Basic Life Support’. The e-learning can be undertaken in your own time at your convenience and will ensure maximum learning is achieved at the workshop.

Eligibility criteria

This Basic Life Support class is perfect for parents, grandparents, carers or anyone working in a professional environment with responsibility for babies or children (teachers, nannies, childminders etc). CSTC recommends that delegates undertake the Adult and Paediatric Basic Life Support’ 1-day e-learning course’ training before the workshop (available for FREE to workshop delegates)

Method of course delivery

2-hour session of practical Paediatric First Aid and Basic Life Support skills learning.

Assesment and Certificate

Delegates are assessed by the trainers and those who successfully complete our First Aid workshop will receive a certificate.

In this Paediatric Basic Life Support course you will learn how to:
  • Assess a situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively.
  • Recognise the signs and respond to babies and children who are either choking or appear to be lifeless
  • Initiate an appropriate emergency response
  • When and how to practically remove obstructions to the baby or child’s airway
  • Provide appropriate support and encouragement of babies or children who are effectively coughing
  • Dislodge foreign bodies
  • The correct choking management sequence and understand the differences for babies and children
  • Provide basic airway management, to make it easier for the baby or child to breathe
  • Initiate and maintain effective breathing for the baby or child to maintain oxygen delivery to the baby or child’s brain and other vital organs
  • Initiate and maintain effective chest compressions for the baby or child, to support the work of the heart and supply blood to the body to sustain life in a baby or child who is lifeless
  • Apply the correct ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths
  • Correctly put a baby or child into the recovery position, once signs of life return

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The cost of Paediatric BLS (2-hours training session)


Available dates: 

Please get in touch at 0141 387 1079 or to ask for availability.

The courses are held at the following location:

34 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow G20 8YE
United Kingdom.

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